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The harmony of WHAT scriptures?
Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:14am (XFF:

As far as I know, there are no Old Testament scriptures that tell the same story, but with contradictions. Well, I take that back. There ARE two "Creation" chronologies that don't agree. And there are two "10 Commandment" stories that don't agree.

So I take that back.

Other than those two, though, are there parts of the OT that tell the same story, in the same way? That are in "harmony"? Redindant retellings of the same stories, that don't contradict?

Or are you mainly talking about the Gospels? Because when it comes to the Gospels, Theists either argue that:

1. There are no contradictions in the four Gospel stories, or

2. Of COURSE there are contradictions, but that's because (a) eyewitnesses always see things slightly differently, or (b) the Gospel writers were writing for different audiences, so they tailored their Gospels for the audience they were writing for.

But if the Gospels were "divinely inspired":

1. Why would they be different at all? Why would god inspire different writers to write different things? Why would the same, factual, true story not be sufficient for EVERY audience?

-- and --

2. Why would there even be a need to MULTIPLE Gospels? Why not just "inspire" the writing of ONE GOSPEL, for ALL PEOPLE?

-- and --

3. Why wait 40 years or more to "inspire" someone to write a Gospel? Why not a week after jesus died? Why not a month after? A year after? Why wait 40 years or more, opening the Gospels to valid criticism as to authorship and accuracy?

None of it makes any sense, if you look at it in a rational, unbiased, common sense way.

  • Your one remark will get a response from me.shadow, Mon Nov 27 11:49am
    Your quote: "Scholarly consensus" is also that the gospels are anonymous, and the true authorship cannot now be determined. But given the late dates, they almost certainly were NOT written by THE... more
    • The harmony of WHAT scriptures? — SES, Tue Nov 28 6:14am
    • PSshadow, Mon Nov 27 11:51am
      I think you choose the opinion that supports your agenda. You might think the same of me.
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