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It fascinates me how oblivious many Theists are...
Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:49am (XFF:

...when it comes to the SOURCE of their scriptures.

One Theist (assuming that as an Atheist I just hadn't done enough research) made the statement that I should read the accounts of historians who lived at the time of jesus, like Josephus. She claimed to have STUDIED Josephus.

Now, I know that Josephus (1) was born AFTER jesus died, and that (2) he didn't write anything about jesus until many many many DECADES after jesus died, and that (3) what he DID write is either suspected to be a later addition, or is just a vague statement about James being his brother.

But SHE had somehow been convinced that Josephus lived at the time of jesus, knew of him, and wrote about him.

She also claimed that the Romans were meticulous record-keepers, and that they had documented the crucifixion of jesus. I knew THAT to be untrue. There are NO contemporary, extra-biblical accounts ANYWHERE of Jesus' existence, much less the way he died.

She then linked me to what she claimed was a secular contemporary account of the existence of jesus. It was dated to 395 AD!!!!

Oh, and she also claimed that scholars date the gospels using carbon-dating. jesus h crist

I've gone through this argument a million times with Theists. They THINK they know where their bible came from. They ASSUME that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written by THE Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Someone handed them a bible,a nd they just accepted it, no questions asked.

And when you direct them to information that refutes that, they dig in their heels, refuse to listen, then leap to "it was divinely inspired", then to "why do you spend time attacking peoples' beliefs" when they realize that they can't defend the reason for their beliefs.

It's frustrating.

But also very interesting.

Mass delusion.

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