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Christopher Blackwell
Lying or justtheother side ofthestory?
Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:23am


One thing you learn in war is all nations lie about their side of the war, and their side is always fully justified, while the other side, or sides, are the bad guys. Remember this is the war where Israel attacked the USS Liberty without provocation, because we were spying on its communications, This was not an accident because the pilots said it flew the American Flag but they were ordered to follow orders and did. That literally was an act of war against the United States and the survivors have been trying to get justice ever since. So this tells us two things, that Israel can and does lie, and that the United States will cover up it's trespasses. Sure, I have no doubt the other countries lie as well. So what else is new.

As my post of the history of Palestine, it shows it was known as Palestine for over two thousand years and the people living there have long histories, some dating back to the original Canaanites as shown by Genetics. The that it was control by other kingdoms at various times does not change that. Nor is it the only thing about Jewish history that is questionable. So I will continue to bring these up.

  • had to do. Here was the situation: Egypt had abrogated the 1956 cease fire agreement in two key ways. 1. Closed off Sharm-el-Sheaik to Israeli traffic. 2. Moved army into the Sinai. Israel told the... more
    • Lying or justtheother side ofthestory? — Christopher Blackwell, Tue Nov 28 7:23am
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