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But Where Does It Lead?
Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:54am (XFF:

Where are you taking that road?

You have before you a theist and a Christian who will happily admit that the books of the bible were (in many cases) not written by the person that tradition claims, or even by the person that the book itself claims wrote it.

So, what now?

I look at those Christians who are in the "house of cards" group, and as long as they aren't pushing their beliefs on others, I have grown to where I just let them be. They practice their religion for themselves and for the benefit it can have through them on their community. I can get behind that, and I really don't care at that point what they believe.

The problem I have are with those who would push their beliefs on others.

But then, I think, if I am dealing with someone like that, again, does it matter what they believe? Nope. Even if they matched up to my beliefs.

I have had some discussions recently with a friend in the "house of cards" group that weren't pushing. We just legitimately got into a discussion because our interests happen to include religion and the discussion wandered over there with them assuming I was "house of cards" as well. LOL. Old me, 20-30 years ago would have launched into an attack that contained all kinds of facts that they would not have been able to deal with. We would have left the discussion much less likely to still be friends or friendly, and what would I have accomplished? Probably nothing but convincing them I was a jerk. Instead, I related a few pieces of information that I knew some friends had experienced difficulty with before ultimately being able to process. Rather than focus on how my friend was wrong, I talked about how my other friends had struggled to cope with discovering that they had been wrong about something. I kept the "wrong" at enough of a distance so that it wasn't an immediate threat, and left it at that. Since then, that friend has broached the topic with me again, leading to productive discussions.

But I decided that that overriding concern for me was the friendship. Not making sure the friend was factually correct. Part of that friendship does include wanting my friend to have a better understanding of the facts, but I'm not going to get there by pushing and attacking.

Anyway, I agree. Many believers plant a flag. They are afraid to challenge any card in their house of cards because the idea of all those cards falling down is scary. I sympathize. I've been through it. I had the unfortunate experience of having grabbed a card out of my house to examine it before really realizing what would happen. And I couldn't put the card back. Since I had done it to myself, though, I didn't feel that attendant threat to my ego that one can feel from having someone else tell you that you're wrong. I decided that it was better to rip down everything at start over if it meant protecting myself better from that in the future.

And voila.

Anyway, that was a whole lot of response. Sorry if it bored you, but you hit on something I have been thinking about (considering the conversation I talked about earlier), and I just needed to get it out and organize my thoughts.


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