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That is ALL a lie, and you know it.
Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:55am (XFF:

jesus h crist, Bauer.

These issues -- when during the event these "perceptions" occur -- was what AWARES was all about.

They were going to try to link up, time-wise, "death" and any kinds of validated "perceptions".

And -- for the gazillionth time -- they FAILED.

Partly because it's not a first priority during a cardiac arrest emergency to monitor heart activity, brain activity, and what's happeining around the patient.

CLAIMS that a "perception" happened DURING death are not evidence.

Doctor Parnia realized that, and designed a study that would try to provide verification -- AWARE.

And he FAILED.

You are the biggest liar I've ever been acquainted with.

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