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That wasn't too long or boring at all.
Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:12am (XFF:

Other than discussions on here, my discussions with Theists either originate on FaceBook, or in person when people discover that I'm an Atheist.

On FaceBook, I'll get some "feed" from "GodIsReal", for example. Like "10 Things You Want to Know about Heaven".

I'll read it, then comment on it, and the Theists will start challenging me. And I'll respond, using logic, common sense, links to information, etc. They'll go toe-to-toe with me, and I'll keep knocking them back with facts and truth. Usually they'll admit that (1) they believe based only on faith, and don't need or care about evidence, and (2) attack ME for challenging THEM, when it was THEY who first challenged ME.

I have no issue with a believer who realizes that they believe based on faith alone. They were raised in a Christian home, they were pushed toward Christianity, they don't really know the foundations of it, but they have FAITH that god is real, and that jesus was his son, and that the only way to heaven is through him.

Fine. They believe all of that with no evidence, based on faith alone. Cool.

But if they instead insist that they use the BIBLE as a foundation? That the bible is PROOF of anything? Yeah, I have a problem with that. If they're going to challenge my UN-belief, and claim that the BIBLE is any combination of real, and true, and the word of god, and inerrant, and a valid source of morality, they better be ready to have that erroneous opinion challenged.

I always find it amusing when they get all butt-hurt because I challenge them, when it was THEY who first challenged ME.

I don't go out SEEKING believers, and then attack their beliefs.

I always let THEM start it.

  • But Where Does It Lead?Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 7:54am
    Where are you taking that road? You have before you a theist and a Christian who will happily admit that the books of the bible were (in many cases) not written by the person that tradition claims,... more
    • That wasn't too long or boring at all. — SES, Tue Nov 28 8:12am
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