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If I were a Theists -- a Judeo-Christian Theist...
Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:20am (XFF:

...I would look at all of it logically.

Obviously, if GENESIS is correct it would HAVE to have been "divinely inspired". Nobody other than god was there to witness the Creation. So god would have HAD to "divinely inspire" someone to write it down.

Since it's OBVIOUS that the Creation account HAD to be "divinely inspired", I would them assume that ALL of the scriptures were "divinely inspired". Someone could write a new Gospel TODAY, 2000 years later, and if it was "divinely inspired", it wouldn't MATTER that they hadn't been there.

Of course I would still have my issues with the bible; god endorsing slavery, god ordering the slaughter of innocents, god demanding human sacrifice, god imposing the death sentence for minor infractions, the concept of eternal punishment, etc.

I guess I would have to cherry-pick the parts of the scriptures that were "divinely inspired" [ the stuff I perceived as being GOOD ] and the parts that were written by mere men that somehow got included [ all of the BAD stuff ].

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