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No, you would not...
Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:29am

Because religion isn't logical. The leap of faith that takes one from non-belief to belief is not logical. Therefore it cannot be created OR broken with logic.

And if your religion was the only one in existence with no competition, you would be correct that 'divinely inspired' could be the only thing that matters with respect to evaluating your scriptures...

But when there IS competition out there, then it is human nature to want to be the best. It is human nature to want your scripture to be BETTER than their scripture. It is human nature to try to show them that YOUR leap of faith was the right one and theirs was somehow in error.

So, how better to do that than to say that NOT ONLY is my scripture divinely inspired (which he also claims), but that the writer of mine was ALSO a famous and historically recognized scholar.... AND in fact was actually THERE to see the events...

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