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Why do you use a capital J for Josephus but not Jesus? (nm)
Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:40am

  • ...when it comes to the SOURCE of their scriptures. One Theist (assuming that as an Atheist I just hadn't done enough research) made the statement that I should read the accounts of historians who... more
    • But Where Does It Lead?Amadeus, Tue Nov 28 7:54am
      Where are you taking that road? You have before you a theist and a Christian who will happily admit that the books of the bible were (in many cases) not written by the person that tradition claims,... more
      • That wasn't too long or boring at all.SES, Tue Nov 28 8:12am
        Other than discussions on here, my discussions with Theists either originate on FaceBook, or in person when people discover that I'm an Atheist. On FaceBook, I'll get some "feed" from "GodIsReal",... more
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