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No, but at some point
Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:34pm

it could mean separation from the military, conscientious objector, etc.

  • Does that override your sworn oath?Sprout, Tue Nov 28 10:15am
    Does a Christian have no obligation to demonstrate integrity in swearing an oath? Remember their oath to obey the orders of the officers appointed over them ends with "So Help Me God".... So, the... more
    • No, but at some point — shadow, Tue Nov 28 12:34pm
      • taking an oath that one can't keep in the first place? And at least be honest about it and not sneak around and try to hide ones violations of ones oath?
        • The rules are changing, Sprout!Shadow, Tue Nov 28 1:39pm
          Agreed no one should sign up for an oath the can't keep. Guess chaplains will soon be passť, too.
          • Not a new rule...Sprout, Tue Nov 28 2:59pm
            It has been in effect for 16 years... I seriously doubt that the oath breakers enlisted before that.
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