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Doctor Parnia did. That's why he conducted AWARE.
Tue Nov 28, 2017 1:07pm (XFF:

Supposedly, people left their bodies during their NDEs and floated above the people in the room.

They reported looking down and seeing everything from above.

If that was true, and if it really happened, then there was a chance that if Parnia placed images up on top of the cabinets that could only be seen from above, and a patient reported having an NDE, and rising above the people in the room, and accurately reported seeing an image, then...

-- BAM! --

...that would be evidence that they had actually had an NDE.

Eventually he realized the unlikely string of events that would have to occur to get that kind of a result.

So his study morphed into trying to determine if, while "dead", people could accurately recall anything that had happened in the room.

And for THAT, he would need an accurate time-line of events in the room, and the patient's "vital signs".

And even THAT was practically impossible to do.

Which is why AWARE failed.

You know all of this already, and yet continue to lie about it.

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