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So, you would say the NFL would be constitutionally
Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:52am

prohibited from firing a player who protests (under the 1st Amendment) during the National Anthem?

The truth is that when a person is acting UNDER CONTRACT as a representative of an organization or group and clearly identifying themselves as such, that GROUP gains some authorities to dictate when and how that EMPLOYEE exercises his/her rights...

So, just as an employer COULD fire an employee for protesting while on the job, the military CAN restrict a soldiers activities when in uniform (hint: in Afghanistan they're ALWAYS in uniform)...

When I was in the military, I was free to exercise my religion and other 1st amendment rights, when NOT in uniform. A soldier is NOT permitted to go attend a protest/rally in uniform without permission. A soldier can even speak at such an event as long as he/she speaks as an INDIVIDUAL and not as a soldier. So, I could go to a rally and say, "I, Sprout, think the nation should pass this bill." What I CANNOT say is "I, Sgt Sprout, think the nation should pass this bill." Because by IDENTIFYING myself as a soldier I then am speaking as a representative of the military, and cannot do so without permission.

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