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Was there an actual proposal in there somewhere?
Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:16am (XFF:

I just saw more of the same old class-envy dogma. The same old "technology will make most jobs obsolete" drivel that's been proven wrong time and again.

I thought there would be an actual proposal in there somewhere. Maybe I missed it amongst all of the gnashing of income-inequality teeth.

Is the proposal to provide everyone with a basic subsistence income?

And if you wanted a standard of living above mere subsistence, THEN you could try to get a job?

My issue would be -- what "subsistence level" should people be willing to accept if they don't work for what they get?

I'd say -- warehouse them in military style barracks. Feed them in "Chow Halls", with prison-quality food. Communal showers and toilets. Basic health services. And require that they perform menial labor -- cutting grass, picking up trash, digging ditches....

And after giving them all of that, pay them some minimal "salary" that they can use to purchase some minimal level of "luxuries".

If, however, the concept is to pay them enough so that everyone can afford a home of their own, and two cars, and cable TV, and cellphones, and steak and lobster and cigarettes and booze and vacations to Europe once a year and etc...f*ck that.

  • I'm Interested In Your Thoughts On This...Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 6:54am
    What if "work" is the problem? Take a read, and let me know what you think. I'm not interested in knee-jerk, "who's going to... more
    • CrapMondo Fuego™, Wed Nov 29 12:04pm
      You go figure it out. You are so busy saving the world, Miss Manners. Goodness, you probably don't have time to work.
    • Not so much, who will pay, but who will do?Sprout, Wed Nov 29 8:17am
      If leisure, once the privilege of the rich (to use the authors words) becomes the birthright of all (again using the authors words)... then yes, "... work" to use the author's words... But who will... more
      • ...then AI and robotic assistance will do the do. Of course, ascendant AI will rapidly run off and leave us behind, I think. But, in its wake, we'll have new generations of machines that will be able ... more
        • You can see a world where money isn't a thing.Mondo Fuego™, Wed Nov 29 2:45pm
          I think that's called hallucination.
        • Star Trek universe, the only people who work are those who want to. This was also discussed in significant detail by Asimov in his "Robots" novels specifically contrasting Earth with the "Spacer"... more
          • When people no longer have to work ...Mondo Fuego™, Wed Nov 29 2:52pm
            ... you will see a dramatic rise in crime, violence and decadence. Work tends to keep people focused on value, ethics and morals.
            • Oh, then what about the mammountt of crime we have ?Christopher Blackwell, Sun Dec 3 6:10pm
              Mondo Fuego™, We seem to have the highest crime rate in a first world country and far more people in prison. Few first world nations have as long a work week as we do.
        • The Culture!Poppet, Wed Nov 29 1:26pm
          That's the best-case outcome as regards AI and automation, and one I embrace,as well. The big stumbling block, of course, is capitalism. As it stands, the benefits of these advances look likely (in... more
          • I Would Like To Think...Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 1:38pm
            ...that an ascendant AI unburdened by emotion would find the unnecessary destruction of life wasteful, and therefore wouldn't go out of its way to destroy us. Emotions only help us, I think, as I... more
            • killing us could be FAR more efficient than continuing to spend resources on feeding/sheltering/clothing/pampering billions of human beings... Yes, killing us off might require a significant... more
            • I'm undecided on that.Poppet, Wed Nov 29 3:11pm
              The possibility of AI becoming an existential threat to humanity wasn't what I was referring to, though. I was talking about the likelihood that the potentially liberating effect of increasingly... more
          • I think the transition TO a post-shortage economy is probably one of the most dangerous times socially... Because from the time that automation starts to the time that it is TOTALLY complete, there... more
      • EXACTLY! (nm)DFM, Wed Nov 29 9:49am
    • Was there an actual proposal in there somewhere? — SES, Wed Nov 29 8:16am
    • Totally Insane Leftist TwaddleDFM, Wed Nov 29 7:38am
      I is difficult to describe how utterly stupid that website is. The Universe operates according to certain laws, and these insane (yes, that is the word) Leftists imagine that they can change these... more
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