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Keep in mind -- it's FREE!
Wed Nov 29, 2017 8:32am (XFF:

I use Google Maps quite a bit.

But knowing that it's free, I'm pretty lenient when it comes to any issues I have with it.

My issues:

1. It recommends strange routes sometimes. Like, the directions it gives to get to my house from the Interstate take you down a sidestreet, with several STOP signs, instead of down the main thoroughfare, which is always the faster route.

2. I couldn't get it to start last weekend when I was in Louisville, KY. I was trying to get from the Hotel and a restaurant, and it wouldn't update my location or the route. It just said that I was still where I had started.

But hey -- it's FREE! so.....

  • Why I stopped using google mapsKen C, Tue Nov 28 7:57pm
    I had a problem with google maps, searched the web for advice, and found other people had the same problem over a year ago, and google still has not fixed it.... more
    • Keep in mind -- it's FREE! — SES, Wed Nov 29 8:32am
      • Good point.Ken C, Wed Nov 29 9:03pm
        I also use Waze: It's also free, but has pop up advertisements on the top of the screen.
    • Did You Read Through The Whole Comment Thread?Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 7:01am
      I saw some promising fixes in there. I never have an issue with google maps on my phone (or on the PC, for that matter). I would be happy to assist. Amadeus
      • Only some of it.Ken C, Wed Nov 29 9:11pm
        Some "fixes" were really just workarounds that required extra clicking. I have a job diving for Lyft. I use the map a lot. I don't want to do a lot of smartphone clicking while I'm driving. That's... more
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