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I would have no issue with "subsistence level" welfare.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:02am (XFF:

If someone CHOOSES not to work for a living, then I wouldn't want them living on the street.

I'd rather not deal with smelly disgusting vermin begging for a handout while I'm walking to work, or to spend some of the money that I've earned by working.

House them in military barracks, feed them prison-quality food, give them the most basic of healthcare, and force them to perform menial labor.

What more could they expect from not wanting to be productive members of society?

  • Totally Insane Leftist TwaddleDFM, Wed Nov 29 7:38am
    I is difficult to describe how utterly stupid that website is. The Universe operates according to certain laws, and these insane (yes, that is the word) Leftists imagine that they can change these... more
    • I would have no issue with "subsistence level" welfare. — SES, Wed Nov 29 9:02am
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