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No it is not.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:39pm

The other gods do not make the
promises and do not deliver on
them, period. No lost sleep
when what you believe is what
you know and experience. Once
you've a real relationship with
God, no one can talk you out of

That's why I said 'you guys'
can never understand Christianity.
You can't know what you don't
experience. Period.

But, Lord, you can gabble on
eternally not realizing how
foolish you seem. That foolishness
is well described in the Scriptures, too.

Pascal's wager is not about a relationship
with God. It's about a bet, a bet that
does not engage the person of God. And
that's why it's got no legs.

You like to argue, SES. And you like
to think you're smarter than any Christian.

But that just doesn't daunt a true
believer in Christ. We just wish
you'd get a clue, join the fun, and experience
life more fully.

  • You are not spiritually hungry. You have had opportunities to inquire more about [insert the name of any deity that has ever existed here] from a sincere heartfelt need, but that is not your choice.... more
    • No it is not. — shadow, Wed Nov 29 1:39pm
      • Of course it is.SES, Wed Nov 29 1:56pm
        "You have had opportunities to inquire more about God from a sincere heartfelt need. You have no way of knowing what that has already cost you or what it will cost you in the future. You have no way... more
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