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Of course it is.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:56pm (XFF:

"You have had opportunities to inquire more about God from a sincere heartfelt need.
You have no way of knowing what that has already cost you or what it will cost you in the future.
You have no way of either wanting or enjoying the blessings that only God gives."

That isn't EXACTLY Pascal's Wager, which is what I said -- it's a VERSION of Pascal's Wager.

You should believe in god. Because if you DON'T believe in god, it'll cost you.

That's a VERSION of Pascal's Wager.

And it's bogus.

I could no more take advantage of my opportunities to inquire sincerely about a god that I don't believe in than YOU could take advantage of YOUR opportunities to inquire sincerely about a god that YOU don't believe in.

You believe in Christ because you were raised to believe in Christ.

Had you been born and raised somewhere else, in a place that had a different religious belief, you'd be something else.

You've mistaken coincidences and feelings and sensations as some kind of supernatural presence. A "relationship" with something for which you have no other evidence.

I experience the exact same kinds of coincidences, and feelings, and sensations. But I don't assume they were the result of anything supernatural.

And you'll arrogantly claim, without ANY evidence, that the things I'VE experienced are nothing like the things YOU'VE experienced. That somehow your experiences are more intense, or more meaningful, or more miraculous.

We're all the same kinds of beings, with exactly the same physiological makeup, and as a result we experience the exact same feelings and sensations.

And none of it is supernatural.

  • No it is not.shadow, Wed Nov 29 1:39pm
    The other gods do not make the promises and do not deliver on them, period. No lost sleep when what you believe is what you know and experience. Once you've a real relationship with God, no one can... more
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