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Mondo Fuego™
When people no longer have to work ...
Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:52pm

... you will see a dramatic rise in crime, violence and decadence.

Work tends to keep people focused on value, ethics and morals.

  • Star Trek universe, the only people who work are those who want to. This was also discussed in significant detail by Asimov in his "Robots" novels specifically contrasting Earth with the "Spacer"... more
    • When people no longer have to work ... — Mondo Fuego™, Wed Nov 29 2:52pm
      • Oh, then what about the mammountt of crime we have ?Christopher Blackwell, Sun Dec 3 6:10pm
        Mondo Fuego™, We seem to have the highest crime rate in a first world country and far more people in prison. Few first world nations have as long a work week as we do.
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