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I'm undecided on that.
Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:11pm

The possibility of AI becoming an existential threat to humanity wasn't what I was referring to, though. I was talking about the likelihood that the potentially liberating effect of increasingly capable machines relieving us of the burden of onerous work is likely to be stymied, at least in the short term, by capitalistic greed.

I do think the chance of a post-scarcity society comprised of humanity and our AIs* working out somewhat like Banks' Culture (or Roddenberry's Federation, to use a nearer-term, less radical example) is pretty good. It's difficult for me to predict just how the ethics of entities whose intellectual prowess will someday extend far beyond our own might shape up.

*and possibly aliens...but I consider the likelihood of our encountering any to be small

  • I Would Like To Think...Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 1:38pm
    ...that an ascendant AI unburdened by emotion would find the unnecessary destruction of life wasteful, and therefore wouldn't go out of its way to destroy us. Emotions only help us, I think, as I... more
    • I'm undecided on that. — Poppet, Wed Nov 29 3:11pm
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