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Just because you fear death and need some kind of...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:39am (XFF:

...assurance that you'll survive death and live for all eternity in a better place doesn't make it true.

You know what I hope happens when we die?

We are brought before god. And he'll say "Did you believe in me, even though I gave you no evidence for my existence?"

If you say "Yes, Lord! I DID believe!", then god says "What the f*ck would you believe in something for which I gave you no evidence? Why didn't you use the BRAIN I gave you, instead of just stupidly believing without evidence? BE GONE!!! INTO THE FIRES OF HELL WITH YOU!!!"

If you say "No, Lord. I found it impossible to believe in you, as I saw no good evidence for your existence", then god says "BLESS you, my child. You have chosen wisely. Welcome into my kingdom!"

Now THAT would be awesome.

  • of consciousness in the Soul as does everyone. Otherwise based on your posts you will probably be in Hell till you repent then you will have to study the Bible you have insulted or Baha'i Writings... more
    • Just because you fear death and need some kind of... — SES, Thu Nov 30 8:39am
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