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Mondo Fuego™
Did seeing kiddy sex excite you?
Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:22am

With Hammer, "heaven knows, anything goes".

  • What Do You Object To?Amadeus, Thu Nov 30 7:48am
    What about this do you find "sick"? It seems pretty much the way it works. Amadeus
    • Children of that age do NOT need that level of detail. Our pediatrician told us to just answer the questions when our kids brought them up. We did. Truthfully. No stork. But we staged it to meet each ... more
      • that could be the most backassward postTrish, Thu Nov 30 1:57pm
        I have ever seen you make. The left does not focus on sex and violence against the innocent. That opinion is really off the rails. Did you know from a historical stand point MANY cultures recognized... more
      • What Age?Amadeus, Thu Nov 30 1:52pm
        What age are these illustrations intended for? I remember that in the very conservative area that I went to elementary school in, we had sex education in the 6th grade. It was MUCH more detailed than ... more
    • Did seeing kiddy sex excite you? — Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 30 10:22am
      • I didn't see this as pornographicTrish, Thu Nov 30 11:13am
        Children ask questions. Parents do not always give honest answers. Perhaps the middle ground is having a writ of release to teach that information to the children from the family.
        • Too much too soon for young children. (nm)DFM, Thu Nov 30 12:33pm
        • Goodness, No...Amadeus, Thu Nov 30 12:19pm
          It's not pornographic. Those who assume there's arousal intended or achieved via these images have some serious personal problems they need to get sorted out. I don't understand the mentality that... more
        • That wasn't my point ...Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Nov 30 11:48am
          ... my point was that Hammer salivates over sex topics ... prolly pounds the shaft in privacy.
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