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NDE were rejected because of dying brain but FDE/SDE don't
Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:33am

involve dying brains, far otherwise. They all involve OBE OF one kind are another and the brain or eyes don't do that, so they all prove each other.

Deathbed Visions involve Souls coming to take dying people's Souls to Heaven. No attempt has been made to refute DBV. I GAVE some After Death Communications and pointed out there are many verified ADC which prove the existence of Souls. No rebuttal, and Terminal Lucidity examples have been given with out any rebuttal. Savants have been given w/o rebuttal so the proofs are complete. There are no natural explanations for DEATH EXPERIENCES. They prove Souls, Heaven and ultimately God as I am reading now in

So, why is nobody interested in the Truth?

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