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The only thing that declares it "immoral" is religion.
Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:42pm (XFF:

There is absolutely nothing intrinsically immoral about casual sex.

It's only if you feel chained to religion that you could possibly make such a claim.

If I'm single, and I meet a single woman in a bar, and we sit and talk for two hours while watching the Cowboys game, and we obviously share an attraction, and she jokingly says "If the Cowboys win, you can take me home tonight", and if the Cowboys win, and I take her home, and she spends the night, and we have sex, and both of us think it's awesome, and in the morning she gets her things and gives me a kiss and leaves, and we never see each other again, and neither of us contracts an STD as a result...

...what, other than religion, makes that immoral?

And don't add anything else into that scenario.

Take it just as I wrote it.

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