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Matt Dillahunty talks about the "Dragon in the Garage".
Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:00pm (XFF:

Your friend tells you he has a huge dragon in his garage.

You say "Show me."

He opens the garage door. There's nothing there.

"I don't see a dragon."

"He's invisible."

You walk all around the garage, waving your arms, trying to touch the dragon.

"I don't feel a dragon."

"Oh, you can't touch him. His body doesn't manifest itself in the real world".

"Can you make him blow fire?"

"Sure. Herman! Blow fire! There. He blew fire".

"I didn't feel any heat."

"Oh, his flames are room temperature. And miraculously they don't actually move the air either."

If I felt the need to be "precise", I couldn't definitively deny the existence of Herman the invisible non-physically manifested room-temperature fire breathing dragon.

I don't feel required to be "precise" by qualifying my opinion by saying "I don't BELIEVE that Herman exists".

I feel fully justified in declaring that "Herman does not exist".

Just as I feel fully justified in declaring that god does not exist.

Nor do unicorns or leprechauns or earth-visiting aliens or bigfoot or the loch ness monster.

That may not be philosophically imprecise. Whatever.

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