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What Age?
Thu Nov 30, 2017 1:52pm (XFF:

What age are these illustrations intended for?

I remember that in the very conservative area that I went to elementary school in, we had sex education in the 6th grade. It was MUCH more detailed than what's in those pictures. And at the time, I remember thinking that most of what was being covered was stuff I already knew. And I was definitely not a prodigy in that particular arena.

The reality that the gender binary is really more of a spectrum isn't a fairy tale. The reality that some people are transsexuals is certainly not a fairy tale. Teaching kids the facts means that they won't see those things as taboo, forbidden, dirty things. They won't, then, feel it natural and right to bully a classmate in high school who is transgender. They will understand transgenderism and they won't be afraid of it. It will also prevent suicides that happens when kids don't know how to express themselves or how to deal with a situation - such as when they are, themselves, transgender but have only been taught that to be transgender is to be sick, wrong, and shameful.

Nobody is trying to coerce kids into becoming transgender people. Nobody is trying to turn kids gay. It's just about equipping kids with the tools to deal with reality.

And I find it offensive that you would define the left by a "love of violence against the innocent and protection of the guilty." You're sick. There's something wrong with you. Nobody, not on the left or the right, loves violence against the innocent. And the guilty deserve whatever protections are afforded to them under the law. It is best to remember that the law is meant to apply to all. You could find yourself in their shoes at some point.


  • Children of that age do NOT need that level of detail. Our pediatrician told us to just answer the questions when our kids brought them up. We did. Truthfully. No stork. But we staged it to meet each ... more
    • that could be the most backassward postTrish, Thu Nov 30 1:57pm
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    • What Age? — Amadeus, Thu Nov 30 1:52pm
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