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Depending on the efficiency of the killing process...
Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:12pm

killing us could be FAR more efficient than continuing to spend resources on feeding/sheltering/clothing/pampering billions of human beings...

Yes, killing us off might require a significant expenditure of resources in the immediate future, but once we are all gone, the resources that HAD been going to providing for us would be freed up... How much energy would be saved every year by not having humans around demanding light, heat, air conditioning and hot water?

An enlightened AI might easily conclude that humans are a HINDERANCE to the furtherance of enlightenment.

  • I Would Like To Think...Amadeus, Wed Nov 29 1:38pm
    ...that an ascendant AI unburdened by emotion would find the unnecessary destruction of life wasteful, and therefore wouldn't go out of its way to destroy us. Emotions only help us, I think, as I... more
    • Depending on the efficiency of the killing process... — Sprout, Thu Nov 30 4:12pm
    • I'm undecided on that.Poppet, Wed Nov 29 3:11pm
      The possibility of AI becoming an existential threat to humanity wasn't what I was referring to, though. I was talking about the likelihood that the potentially liberating effect of increasingly... more
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