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The LEFT supports Islam over Civilzation & Palestinian
Fri Dec 1, 2017 8:26am

Terror over Israeli Rule of Law. Over the decades, the Left has supported Communism & Oppression over Democracy & Freedom. Look at how it still supports Venezuela despite the horrors.

I don't give a damn how many societies recognized more than two genders, only two actually exist. Many societies recognized fairies & elves. So what.


  • that could be the most backassward postTrish, Thu Nov 30 1:57pm
    I have ever seen you make. The left does not focus on sex and violence against the innocent. That opinion is really off the rails. Did you know from a historical stand point MANY cultures recognized... more
    • The LEFT supports Islam over Civilzation & Palestinian — DFM, Fri Dec 1 8:26am
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