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in small amounts
Fri Dec 1, 2017 9:28am

is it viable? I mean I'm not looking for fancy, just trusted and functional for future use?

Sorry I'm new to the idea of the gold market

  • I've bought a bit.Poppet, Fri Dec 1 9:01am
    I don't play the market much at all these days...most just "for laughs" investments. I do indeed have some gold and silver...but most of my "serious" investments are in real estate. I second the... more
    • Do you invest in individual properties?Jeeves, Fri Dec 1 1:58pm
      Iím a strong proponent of diversity so my real estate investments are all REITs. My experiences with rental home properties have not been good.
      • As in residential? A few.Poppet, Fri Dec 1 2:21pm
        And yes, vetting tenants is by far the biggest headache. I refuse to leave that to property management* companies, so each residential property represents a lot of work (and that's one reason the... more
        • Yes.Jeeves, Fri Dec 1 5:24pm
          We accidentally ended up with a house and a condo in Florida. 8*} Mai waifu and I were both working full time in another state, so we turned them over to a property management company. What a... more
    • in small amounts — Trish, Fri Dec 1 9:28am
      • Yes, absolutely.Poppet, Fri Dec 1 10:00am
        I think gold is an excellent choice if you have only modest amounts to invest. Coins (real currency like the French or Swiss francs Mondo showed) or bullion is preferable to jewelry. You can also... more
        • thank you very much!Trish, Fri Dec 1 10:12am
          I will be making a call on Monday.
          • You're welcome!Poppet, Fri Dec 1 10:16am
            No (worthwhile) investment is risk-free, but I don't see gold crashing hard any time soon.
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