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As in residential? A few.
Fri Dec 1, 2017 2:21pm

And yes, vetting tenants is by far the biggest headache. I refuse to leave that to property management* companies, so each residential property represents a lot of work (and that's one reason the majority of my real estate investments are commercial properties). I've had ridiculously good luck with my residential tenants...but I've also spent a lot of time and effort selecting them.

I think you're wise to focus on trusts, though. At least if you don't have a fair bit of time to spend in managing things yourself. Even commercial properties take a lot of legwork (although with the larger ones, both sides tend to leave things in the hands of commercial real estate leasing legal). professionals

* a "sort-of" exception to that little rule of mine is the matter of my pear orchards. I mostly leave those in the hands of specialty managers who understand that business far better than I do. I'm apparently more hands-on than most of the people that own such properties...but hopefully not to the point where they wish I'd butt out!

  • Do you invest in individual properties?Jeeves, Fri Dec 1 1:58pm
    Iím a strong proponent of diversity so my real estate investments are all REITs. My experiences with rental home properties have not been good.
    • As in residential? A few. — Poppet, Fri Dec 1 2:21pm
      • Yes.Jeeves, Fri Dec 1 5:24pm
        We accidentally ended up with a house and a condo in Florida. 8*} Mai waifu and I were both working full time in another state, so we turned them over to a property management company. What a... more
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