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What about Sean Carroll's "The Big Picture"? (nm)
Fri Dec 1, 2017 4:04pm

  • I'd suggest these:Poppet, Thu Nov 30 10:38am
    Problems of Philosophy Human Knowledge: Its Scope and Limits Logic and Knowledge Why I Am Not a Christian along with the excellent The Life of Bertrand Russell in Pictures and His Own Words (edited... more
    • What about Sean Carroll's "The Big Picture"? (nm) — PureStevil, Fri Dec 1 4:04pm
      • I haven't read it.Poppet, Sat Dec 2 10:43am
        I need to remedy that, particularly as I hadn't really realized that he goes beyond straight-up physics (which I also read a lot of, as it happens). The list I gave Trish was specifically... more
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