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Fri Dec 1, 2017 5:24pm

We accidentally ended up with a house and a condo in Florida. 8*}

Mai waifu and I were both working full time in another state, so we turned them over to a property management company. What a disaster! We ended up with a brick fireplace painted metallic silver...

We sold them soon after that episode.

The REIT investments have been great, though. I mostly go for dividend stocks, and they are very reliable income generators .

The only managed property I have now is some timberland in Arkansas which doubles as a deer hunting area - yum!!

  • As in residential? A few.Poppet, Fri Dec 1 2:21pm
    And yes, vetting tenants is by far the biggest headache. I refuse to leave that to property management* companies, so each residential property represents a lot of work (and that's one reason the... more
    • Yes. — Jeeves, Fri Dec 1 5:24pm
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