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A couple of questions....
Sat Dec 2, 2017 10:17am

1. How much do you currently spend per year retaining the services of drivers (cabs, uber/lyft, buses, etc)?
- If you are like me, and do 99% of your own driving, then we have to remember that our preference for manned vehicles will not have any impact on retaining drivers.

2. How much of a premium would you be willing to pay to get a non-automated provider?
- Is it enough? If an automated cab to the airport costs $20, would you pay $80 for a human driver? Or just $60? That is the math that the cab companies will be doing. I have no doubt that, at least for a time, human operated cabs will remain available, but as the self-driving systems get cheaper and cheaper, the human operated cabs may become quite the pricey luxury.

  • there will be PLENTY of people (like me)Trish, Sat Dec 2 9:06am
    who do not like the idea of self-driving cars.
    • A couple of questions.... — Sprout, Sat Dec 2 10:17am
    • More than half the current fare goes to the driver. There will be plenty of people who choose to pay less than half and get a self driving car. Self driving cars will also soon be safer than human... more
      • While you see 75% of the revenue, replacing you with a computer does NOT actually cut costs by 75%... This is because OUT OF your 75% percent comes money to fund the vehicle itself. Fuel,... more
        • Oh, I think you are right.Ken C, Sat Dec 2 4:15pm
          I may have overestimated the cost savings of self driving cars. Self driving cars will also need additional sensors and computers that will add to the cost. Plus the cost of developing and... more
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