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Your position on this is as asinine as your position on...
Mon Dec 4, 2017 7:15am (XFF:

...drinking alcohol.

You don't think anyone should drink alcohol, because drinking alcohol causes SOME people to have issues.

So to you, if I go to The Kilt on a Sunday afternoon and have two beers and a burger while sitting at the bar for four hours watching the Cowboys game, and afterwards I drive home, safely, well under the legal DUI blood-alcohol level... you that's wrong because SOME people drink too much and drive drunk and kill people, or become alcoholics and neglect their families, or get cirrhosis of the liver and die.

And that's absurd.

Same for casual sex.

If I meet someone on-line, and we decide to meet and have a drink, and a drink leads to dinner, and dinner leads to me spending the night at her place and having sex, and it's great for both of us, and I leave in the morning, and neither of us is harmed in any way and we actually both look at it as a great experience... you that's wrong because other people do that and feel bad about it later, or get an STD, or get pregnant, or whatever.

And that's absurd.

The act in and of itself is not "wrong". Drinking. Casual sex. There's absolutely nothing wrong with either one, if done responsibly.

Condemning those acts because if done irresponsibly they result in bad outcomes is childish blanket condemnation of actions that are not, in an of themselves, "wrong".

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