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When will some people finally start ignoring Libtards when..
Tue Dec 5, 2017 5:57am (XFF:

...they ignorantly scream "RACISM!!!"

If you just read the Constitution and the Law, it was obvious to anyone -- even a laymen -- that President Trump had all the authority he needed to do EXACTLY what he did.

But Libtard scumbags, still butt-hurt over losing the election, rallied their mindless lemmings by screaming "RACISM!!!" and we lost almost a year while this slam-dunk case worked it's weary way through the Court system.

And it WAS a slam-dunk case, by Supreme Court standards. 7 to 2.

Now the Libtard pukes can slum around in their Liberal lower Courts, wasting more time and money, rallying more of their mindless lemmings, when it's obviously a lost cause.

Can we PLEASE all just tell Liberals to shove it any time they pull up their tired old Race Card?

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