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As A Christian...
Tue Dec 5, 2017 6:58am (XFF:

I believe Moore is guilty.

Whether he is a "man of God" is of no consequence. He has abused his power for personal pleasure and gain. His fear now leads him to lie about it. There is nothing about this that I find redeeming. If I cared at all about Roy Moore, I would for him what he apparently cannot do for himself. I would remove from him the temptation to continue. I would not put him in a position where he could continue to abuse his power for personal pleasure and gain.

I also speak as someone who has been falsely accused.

It is important to consider the evidence and to not simply base judgment on one person's word against another's. But in Moore's situation, the evidence is more substantial. While the suffering in silence for the victims was cruel and Moore enjoyed the fruits of his abuse of power for a time, it did allow a pattern of behavior to emerge that acts as a lens through which we can more accurately judge.

Roy Moore may be, in his heart, a "man of God" who simply struggles with sins we find particularly heinous. That is no commendation to office.


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