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VERY Wise. It will prod Palestinians to recognize REALITY!
Tue Dec 5, 2017 1:16pm

REALITY is something that they have been ignoring since 1948.

They LOST in 1948. It is time to recognize that.


  • Do you think it's a "wise" decision? (nm)shadow, Tue Dec 5 10:15am
    • Erdogan isn't (in my estimation) bluffing when he threatened to cut off Turkey's diplomatic relations with Israel if this happens. Those relations were only re-established a few years ago, and this... more
      • It's not meant to " help the United States"Jeeves, Thu Dec 7 6:56am
        It's meant to help (in order) Jared Kushner and Donald Trump. Reportedly, Kushner has been losing influence in the White House. And Trump is simply dying for a "win" and for ways to feed his base by... more
      • One interesting thought I heard fromSprout, Wed Dec 6 12:53pm
        some analyst a few months ago... The suggestion was not so much to succeed in finalizing a shift of the capital, but rather an effort to break the status quo. An attempt to force the Palestinians to... more
    • VERY Wise. It will prod Palestinians to recognize REALITY! — DFM, Tue Dec 5 1:16pm
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