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Was there a trial for Bill Clinton?
Wed Dec 6, 2017 5:18am

There certainly was in the court of public opinion, not to mention a long drawn out investigation. It was proven that he lied and was guilty of immoral behavior. What Clinton did was bad enough, but what Roy Moore did was far worse, preying on underage minors, and it has been proven that he is lying, too, even by his own words. It's been proven that Trump has lied so many times, one could not even count, and he has also engaged in immoral behavior, by his own words. Where is your morality in choosing to believe proven liars? In choosing to vote for a sexual predator of children?

  • Was tghere a trial and I missed it? (nm)shadow, Tue Dec 5 10:16am
    • Was there a trial for Bill Clinton? — wondering, Wed Dec 6 5:18am
      • In situations like thisTrish, Wed Dec 6 9:25am
        the pedophile has a pattern - age group, places, etc. The stories told by Moore's accusers certainly seem to have commonalities. We have seen people get fired for less accusations whereas Moore is... more
      • Yes, there was. (nm)SES, Wed Dec 6 6:00am
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