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What the hell does he DO all day?
Wed Dec 6, 2017 7:17am (XFF:

Is this witch-hunt all this guy does for a living?

I really have no idea. Maybe he's doing the "Special With Hunter" thing on the side? Has something ELSE he does most of the time?

I mean, if this is all he's working on, what does he actually DO all day, every day?

  • HOT DAMN!!! WSJ says Mueller should step down! This witch hunt should be stopped immediately. Mueller’s Credibility Problem The... more
    • What the hell does he DO all day? — SES, Wed Dec 6 7:17am
      • Seriously...HeayHemi, Wed Dec 6 9:20am
        It still boggles my mind that you and supposedly educated folks like Mongo pick the lying woman abusing criminal con over Mueller and Comey. It's insane and evidence you're missing more
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