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Problem with the "rose colored glasses" view of the WORLD is
Wed Dec 6, 2017 12:02pm

that it ignores reality. Global obedience to the GOLDEN RULE is about as likely as elephants flying. It is simply impossible. People don't work that way.

First of all, about ONE PERCENT of people are Psychopaths.

"Psychopaths are estimated to make up 1 percent of the population and up to 25 percent of male offenders in federal correctional settings. "

Psychopaths are congenitally unable to have genuine feelings for other persons. A psychopath can no more "love his neighbor as himself" than he can fly by flapping his arms. So long as these people are permitted to roam freely in society, for at least that long will evil persist.

Psychopaths cannot be cured because they are not sick. They lack a fundamental mental/emotional capacity. We ALL lack some capacities. I have neither musical nor artistic talent. I am not proud of it. It is not something that makes me better than I otherwise would be, but it is true. This person cannot do Math. That person has no business sense. The other person cannot produce quality writing. Psychopaths cannot feel sympathy or empathy for other human beings. They cannot learn to do it. They lack the capacity.

Many psychopaths are not in prison. Instead, they occupy the executive offices and board rooms of our giant companies and our government agencies. One can simply listen to them and their arguments as to why this bunch of people need to be let go so that some arbitrary financial goal can be met to understand that they are indeed psychopaths. They have no feelings for others and cannot understand why everybody else is not like them.

Nor can psychopaths be effectively removed from society. Elimination of psychopaths cannot be a step toward making this world a better place. This cannot be done by current law. According to the Law in civilized countries, a person can only be incarcerated for his actions, not for his feelings or beliefs. That is the way it should & must be. Only in loony countries like Iran and North Korea can a person be punished for his/her thoughts or beliefs.

Psychopathy is only ONE of the many causes of evil that cannot be eliminated.

You can forget a "World Without Evil" for the same reason that you can forget a "Perpetual Motion Machines". Neither is possible.


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