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I'm not Christian but playing along for the sake of
Wed Dec 6, 2017 4:40pm

exploring an idea:

1. If Yahweh is indeed the one and only and universal, then I imagine all sentient creatures would be subject to his will.

2. If the Bible is indeed the inspired word of Yahweh, and not man's word about Yahweh, my guess is that the commandments would again be universal.

3. A salvation plan would only be needed for those entities that sinned. If they were good little boys and girls (assuming aliens do fall into the category of either boys and girls . . . is there something else?), the answer would be no salvation plan needed.

4. See # 3.

No salvation plan needed raises an interesting question of whether Christ needed sin to be Christ. No sin, no Christ? Not something I have thought about in any depth.

OTOH, Yahweh may have different plans for different species of different planets. IDK really as these aren't questions I've really mulled over, being of the POV that I am - just tossing ideas around.

What do believers think?

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