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I get why
Thu Dec 7, 2017 6:42am

some people are totally turned off by the idea of raising animals to slaughter them.

But, I also think that there is a very real adversarial component to life. Some creatures die so that others may continue on. Food chain, balance of nature and all of that. . . .

I don't have problems with people deciding to be either Vegan or meat eater. It's a personal choice.

Just as long as animals raised for their meat are treated as 'humanely' as can be. I know that there is a certain contradictory element to that idea but like I said, life is adversarial at times. We try to rise above it as best we can (well, some of us do), but we didn't create the balance of nature/food chain. So until Star Trek becomes a reality with its food replicators, we are stuck with what there is to eat. Either plants, meat, or both.

Personally, I don't eat exotic meats. They just turn me off. Not logical when you consider I will eat chicken, turkey, and some other meats - but exotics, no can do. No thanks to sea food of any kind. Can't stand the smell of it cooking, don't like the taste either.

  • VeganismSES, Thu Dec 7 6:18am
    What do people think about Veganism? A friend of mine (more of just an acquaintance) is a Vegan. He's posted several "slaughter" videos on FaceBook. On further investigation they turn up to be videos ... more
    • Turn the critters loose Vegans soon et, Thu Dec 7 9:15am
      find things out of balance and find themselves eating meat as well when they discover the crops mowed down to a nub? One the reasons humans acquired taste and eat animal, animals are very stingy with ... more
    • What about this as an option.SES, Thu Dec 7 6:55am
      I'm not that familiar with it, but I have read a little about how human cells can be "replicated" (for lack of a better word) to create skin in a laboratory that can then be used as a graft. It... more
    • I get why — Ennui, Thu Dec 7 6:42am
      • ...for humans to eat meat to survive. There was a time when humans either "gathered", or hunted. And hunting was a source of massive amounts of protein. But humans no long have a NEED to hunt for... more
        • but Vegans who are pregnant are indeed a concern when it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of the developing fetus. I recall reading a study (admittedly it what a while ago) that babies born to... more
          • There are now a host of meat replacements on the market, and some are truly good. The vegan and vegetarian segment is large enough these days that it supports competition. Same for dairy, although... more
            • How are the prices?Ennui, Fri Dec 8 9:32pm
              I have a daughter on a medically restricted diet (for Celiac). Though gluten-free is a completely different type of diet, the food can be rather price here in NY. (Some of it is awful,... more
              • Not too bad.Poppet, Sat Dec 9 12:39am
                Not very different from meat and dairy in most cases. Harder to find, though...even here in very vegan-friendly Portland. Yeah, some of the gluten free stuff is almost aggressively bad. Reminds me of ... more
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