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I think they make a valid piont that there's no NEED...
Thu Dec 7, 2017 6:51am (XFF:

...for humans to eat meat to survive.

There was a time when humans either "gathered", or hunted. And hunting was a source of massive amounts of protein.

But humans no long have a NEED to hunt for their food. Well, MOST don't have to hunt.

But for ME -- I see nothing wrong with eating shrimp, for example. So shrimp suffer when they're netted and they die so that we can eat them? I don't know. I don't care.

The Penne Pasta in Cream Sauce with Blackened Shrimp at the Country Club is to DIE for.

  • I get whyEnnui, Thu Dec 7 6:42am
    some people are totally turned off by the idea of raising animals to slaughter them. But, I also think that there is a very real adversarial component to life. Some creatures die so that others may... more
    • I think they make a valid piont that there's no NEED... — SES, Thu Dec 7 6:51am
      • but Vegans who are pregnant are indeed a concern when it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of the developing fetus. I recall reading a study (admittedly it what a while ago) that babies born to... more
        • There are now a host of meat replacements on the market, and some are truly good. The vegan and vegetarian segment is large enough these days that it supports competition. Same for dairy, although... more
          • How are the prices?Ennui, Fri Dec 8 9:32pm
            I have a daughter on a medically restricted diet (for Celiac). Though gluten-free is a completely different type of diet, the food can be rather price here in NY. (Some of it is awful,... more
            • Not too bad.Poppet, Sat Dec 9 12:39am
              Not very different from meat and dairy in most cases. Harder to find, though...even here in very vegan-friendly Portland. Yeah, some of the gluten free stuff is almost aggressively bad. Reminds me of ... more
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