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I Have My Speculations...
Thu Dec 7, 2017 6:53am

I don't understand why he continues to expend the effort to antagonize me. I don't see what he gets out of it. I don't engage him directly (and most of the time, not even indirectly) - not since I got tired of the endless insults and the lack of any kind of coherent arguments, let alone civilized debate.

But he cannot seem to let any thread of mine pass without latching onto it.

What I find amusing about this particular thread is that I wasn't even remotely thinking about Mondo when I posted it. I was thinking about difficulties that some friends have had recently in their lives and things I had been through before - and I was just struck by how on point the advice was.

It seems to have touched a nerve, but that wasn't my intent.

Oh well.

Back to a lovely day of vacation. Plenty of non-work to be done.


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