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Re: What is Nature of Mankind? Mere Animals or SPIRITUAL BEINGS?
Thu Dec 7, 2017 6:55am

We are animals. There are no angels.

Our intellect is suppose to set us apart from the other creatures of this planet, but at times, I do wonder about that one.

We do have the ability to think in abstract terms, to imagine, to create. We have the potential to become more than we are, but our willingness to put the effort into it is rather lacking.

We are beginning to learn that other animals are not as dumb as we once thought they were. Dolphins, elephants and yes, pigs come to my mind.

Emotions are not unique to us. Our other fellow creatures possess emotions too.

We are spiritual without necessarily possessing a soul, whatever that is.

The human race has always thought highly of itself. That has created many problems along the way.

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