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I don't know what the current research now indicates
Thu Dec 7, 2017 7:10am

but Vegans who are pregnant are indeed a concern when it comes to meeting the nutritional needs of the developing fetus. I recall reading a study (admittedly it what a while ago) that babies born to Vegan mothers are of a lower birth weight and that there was a higher incident of miscarriage with Vegan mothers. I don't recall where I found the study and I don't know if those findings are now disputed or even discredited.

I would say that creating a nutritionally balanced diet as far as complex proteins are concerned is a good deal more difficult with a Vegan diet than with those who will eat meat, but it is not impossible. I haven't really researched the issue as thoroughly as one should because I have little to no interest in becoming a Vegan. (BTW - not all vegetarians are Vegans. . . .).

I don't really spend any time thinking about how 'humanely' the meat on my dinner plate was treated. If a discussion on the matter is brought up, I do think about it. But I enjoy my meat too much to spend time worrying about it when I am eating dinner and it doesn't stop me from checking out the meat counter at the grocery store.

The only place I have ever hunted is in the grocery store. No need to battle the weather, tromp through the brush for hours hoping to find something - no need to invest in hunting apparel and equipment. . . .

Interesting how some people find something soooooooo tasty and others can't stand it. I often wonder what causes the differences in tastes. You will never find me at a fish fry, but if beef stroganoff is being served, I am one of the first on line.

  • ...for humans to eat meat to survive. There was a time when humans either "gathered", or hunted. And hunting was a source of massive amounts of protein. But humans no long have a NEED to hunt for... more
    • I don't know what the current research now indicates — Ennui, Thu Dec 7 7:10am
      • There are now a host of meat replacements on the market, and some are truly good. The vegan and vegetarian segment is large enough these days that it supports competition. Same for dairy, although... more
        • How are the prices?Ennui, Fri Dec 8 9:32pm
          I have a daughter on a medically restricted diet (for Celiac). Though gluten-free is a completely different type of diet, the food can be rather price here in NY. (Some of it is awful,... more
          • Not too bad.Poppet, Sat Dec 9 12:39am
            Not very different from meat and dairy in most cases. Harder to find, though...even here in very vegan-friendly Portland. Yeah, some of the gluten free stuff is almost aggressively bad. Reminds me of ... more
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