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should be 'possibility' . . . typos, typos. . . . . (nm)
Thu Dec 7, 2017 7:23am

  • I wonder if replicating meatEnnui, Thu Dec 7 7:18am
    could weed out the possibly of any disease being transferred from animal to human. (Mad cow for instance???) Also it could eliminate the use of antibiotics. . .maybe? Or hormones? Just a thought. If... more
    • Theoretically yes.Sprout, Fri Dec 8 7:27am
      If meat is grown in a lab, it could readily be done without exposing it to pathogens. There would remain some small risk of contamination during processing and such, but no more risk than any other... more
    • should be 'possibility' . . . typos, typos. . . . . (nm) — Ennui, Thu Dec 7 7:23am
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