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Oprah thinks she might run for President
Mon Jan 8, 2018 8:39am

What can't this rich oreo cookie do? She built her wealth off white women ... that's all that were in her audiences.

What will she have to offer on her platform?

    • She doesn't have the energy. (nm)jb, Tue Jan 9 7:16am
    • A wealthy and successful business tycoon...Sprout, Mon Jan 8 9:32am
      One could argue that she is about as well qualified for the position in terms of POLITICAL experience as Trump was... The interesting question is whether or not the liberal left will acknowledge it... more
      • ...was all that great a qualification for the presidency. Trump's performance in office sure as hell isn't changing that viewpoint (although I realize that's less a matter of him being an... more
        • I Wish You Would Run...Amadeus, Wed Jan 10 7:58am
          Could we arrange that? Amadeus
        • of the functioning of our generally capitalistic economy should be a necessity to be an effective leader when many decisions made will have both direct, as well as 2nd and 3rd order economic effects. ... more
          • As things stand nowEnnui, Tue Jan 9 8:56am
            there are precious few *legal* requirements to run for the presidency. If memory serves (and if things haven't changed) they are: native born American citizen, minimum age of 35, and having lived in... more
            • And I'm not sure we want them....Sprout, Tue Jan 9 12:46pm
              But if the PEOPLE would refrain from voting for useless bastards at the local and state level where there actually IS some competition, it could 'trickle up' to the point that the folks throwing the... more
              • Admittedly there are problems associatedEnnui, Tue Jan 9 1:15pm
                with the idea. But if I must come down on one side or the other, I would prefer to keep the people free and limit the government. The government is, after all, suppose to serve the people. The ideal... more
                • A requirement that those running for president must have X years of education in a relevant field, and Y years of pertinent experience covering matters such as international relations, economics,... more
                  • Well that's just sadEnnui, Tue Jan 9 5:38pm
                    "I remember Howard Stern did a 'man on the street' type thing . . . ." funny, but sad. The way I look at it, start with the politicians and their requirements to seek office. And then the voters... more
                    • Why start with one? Do both simultaneously...Sprout, Wed Jan 10 5:17am
                      IMO the idea of doing one ONLY after the other is done is a common political excuse to never do the other. And usually results in NEITHER getting done, which may also be a goal.. Let's take border... more
                      • I would rather do it right Ennui, Wed Jan 10 7:52am
                        and fix everything that needs to be fixed simultaneously too. The problem is that the public, and Washington itself, won't like the changes that we and/or I am suggesting and will bulk at them. So... more
                        • Ooops - goofEnnui, Wed Jan 10 7:53am
                          That should have been "the changes have a better chance"
          • No disagreement here.Poppet, Tue Jan 9 8:33am
            I'm certainly not capitalism's biggest fan, but it's the system we operate under (and a more "pure" version than most any other industrial nation). I agree that at least a basic understanding of... more
        • IMOEnnui, Mon Jan 8 3:09pm
          The only difference between today's politician and the Hollywood/celebrity crowd is the stage they play on.
      • She's got lots going for her: 1. Universally known 2. Self-made wealth 3. Fiscally conservative 4. Virtually bullet-proof reputation 5. Fiercely independent 6. Far more qualified and much smarter... more
      • "I suspect that hypocrisy will be on display by both ends of the spectrum should she run." That wouldn't surprise me in the least and it is a distinct possibility. The more general elections I... more
        • our society, and, therefore, what we deserve. Apparently those of us who don't agree with such society have failed to make a significant difference.
          • Apathy, or maybe Ennui, Mon Jan 8 11:00am
            bread and circuses. Keep us fat and entertained, and we will let just about anyone steam roll over us. I swear some people are more concerned with their cell phone and what it can do for them instead ... more
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