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Thousands Gaza protest against worsening living conditions.
Mon Jan 8, 2018 11:36am

With tens of thousands either out of work, not receiving salaries or getting paid less, economic conditions in the Strip are deteriorating fast
By Dov Lieber and AFP 4 January 2018, 10:41 pm

Thousands of Palestinians protested Thursday evening against the deteriorating humanitarian and economic conditions in the Gaza Strip, local media reported, demanding that the Palestinian leadership provide them with solutions.

The demonstrators rallying in the Jabaliya refugee camp vented their anger against both the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Islamist Hamas terror group, which runs Gaza.

Video from the protest by the Quds New Network showed protesters shouting “We want unity,” in reference to the reconciliation process, which both Hamas and Fatah have said recently is in danger of failing.

“Where is the future,” “We want electricity,” proclaimed two signs held by two of the protesters, according to pictures of the event posted on social media.

“Our requests are justice, living freely and social justice,” read another sign held by protesters.

Others held banners with the slogan “open the crossings.” The Rafah Border Crossing out of the Strip and into Egypt has rarely been opened in recent years, and exiting through Israel for cases other than medical are complex, leaving many Gazans unable to leave the enclave.

Between 1967 and the time that the intifadas began, Gaza was prosperous. Border crossings with both Egypt and Israel were open. Hundreds of thousands of Gazans went daily to jobs in Israel that paid far more than they could get in any Arab country. Tourists poured into Gaza leaving piles of money behind. I should know. I was one of them. Gaza had the largest greenhouse in the World, which produced vast quantities of flower, fruits, & vegetables for both local consumption and export to Israel & Europe and employed hundreds of Gazans.

The intifadas ended all of this. Gazan workers in Israel were murdering Israelis. So, guess what? Israel closed the border. I wonder why that was? Repeatedly, Israel would open the border, workers would come into Israel, and many of them committed terrorist acts against Israel, Israel would close the border, and so on many times. Finally, Israel got pissed off and shut the border for good.

Incidentally, when Israel deported all Jews living in Gaza to turn it over completely to the Gazans, a wealthy Jewish contributor bought the greenhouse from its owners and presented it as a gift to the Gazans. This was not just the building, but the building, the equipment, and a working business that brought in tens of millions each year into Gaza. The Gazans blew up the greenhouse. That shows exactly what they are like.


    • The squeeze is on.PH🇱🇷🔯🇱🇷, Mon Jan 8 5:04pm
      Did he not read the other day Trump has cut off $125,000,000 in aid money?
      • The purpose is to either:DFM, Tue Jan 9 6:19am
        1. Force the "Palestinian Authority" to enter productive and final negotiation with Israel; or 2. Destroy the economic base of the "Palestinian Authority" causing it to fall from power, being... more
      • No more rockets or mortars, and stop encouraging your people to attack Israeli people. Hamas and Hezbollah have the power to get those borders opened and re-establish financially beneficial relations ... more
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