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Mondo Fuego™
Let's talk about Sexual Assault and Liberal Hypocrisy
Mon Jan 8, 2018 7:34pm

I will make it real simple:

1. In 1977, 43 year old Hollywood film producer Roman Polanski raped and sodomized a 13 year old child, Samantha Gailey, multiple times after doping her with champagne and Quaaludes in Jack Nicholson's LA home.

2. He was charged with 6 felony counts of rape and related crimes by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

3. He fled to Europe before he could be incarcerated.

4. In 2003, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded an "Oscar" to Roman Polanski for Best Direction.

5. When Harrison Ford announced the award, the hundreds of actors, producers, directors, politicians and others in the audience at the Oscars rose in a standing ovation.

6. Polanski was finally arrested 32 years later in Switzerland on September 26, 2009 on a warrant for the 1977 underage sex case in the United States.

7. On September 29, 2009, over 100 leaders in the film industry signed a petition for his release, including Martin Scorcese, Monica Bellucci, Woody Allen, Charlotte Silvera, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, David Lynch, Jeanne Moreau, Wong Kar Wai, Harmony Korine, Stephen Frears, Alexander Payne, Michael Mann, Wim Wenders, Tilda Swinton, Julian Schnabel, and Pedro Almodovar.

8. Then there's Woody Allen who was accused of sexual assault on Mia Farrow's 7 year old daughter Dylan Farrow. Dylan Farrow, who is now 28, said that the assault took place in the attic of her home. “He told me to lay on my stomach and play with my brother’s electric train set,” she said. “Then he sexually assaulted me. He talked to me while he did it, whispering that I was a good girl, that this was our secret, promising that we’d go to Paris and I’d be a star in his movies.”

9. Golden Globe subsequently gave Woody Allen a Lifetime Achievement Award.

10. Paralleling these events, Harvey Weinstein, Garrison Keillor, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, Al Franken, Kevin Spacey, and other high-profile liberals have been raping, sexually assaulting, and sexually harassing dozens of women. In many cases, their crimes were well-known within the ranks of Hollywood, the media and government, yet nobody acknowledged or reported these crimes. The "system" accepted and tolerated the crimes, while praising and rewarding the criminals and ignoring the victim.

11. Now, all of a sudden, the liberal establishment has become sanctimonious, pretending that they are "shocked" over their sudden realization. Actresses who were allegedly abused by high-profile criminals and who never took action are all of a sudden protesting the actions of the criminals by dressing like whores at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

12. They are going to "fix" the problem by electing Oprah Winfrey as President.

13. Can anyone explain this miraculous sanctimonious transformation and irrational behavior?

    • The world is full of hypocrisyEnnui, Tue Jan 9 9:55am
      We really do live in an upside down society here in the US. It is strange to me that the people who I believe deserve the most attention, accolades and financial compensation (those who risk their... more
      • Not True... Not SurprisingAmadeus, Tue Jan 9 7:17am
        There have been many bad things done. Many crimes committed. In the past, some people covered for some of the criminals - and that is something that they will have to live with. But what is the... more
        • What is wrong with you?Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Jan 10 4:56am
          Arrest Polanski and Allen and put the motherf*ckers in prison for the rest of their worthless lives. You are incredibly amoral.
        • rapists such as Roman Polansky: Read how lefties explain that a creative artist should be above the Law. more
          • I Don't Support Any Rapists...Amadeus, Wed Jan 10 7:48am
            And I can't believe I have to even post that. It reminds of back in the day, the way I had to always post to a certain poster that I don't support ANY terrorism before I could move on to make a... more
            • The LEFT hasn't made heroes out of rapists. Bullshit!Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Jan 11 3:28pm
              Oprah even dated Harvey Weinstein. Creep Streep sprang to a standing ovation for convicted rapist Polanski. Both lied by denying knowledge of Weinstein's sexual assaults. Hollywood and the world of... more
        • A few blatant squirrels run across the road and get run over. The rest hide from detection and lie if caught. If you think anything has been "reformed", you are sadly mistaken. It's business as... more
        • Re: Not True... Not SurprisingEnnui, Tue Jan 9 11:05am
          It is very good that we are addressing issues that have been swept under the table for way too long. But we also must proceed with caution that the opportunists don't take advantage and end up... more
          • Agreed...Amadeus, Wed Jan 10 7:56am
            I have seen the havoc wreaked by false accusations. It is sickening. By all means, we must act according to due process. But political posturing and grandstanding to dismiss the entire issue, or... more
          • accusation and investigation is that there rarely are witnesses to the details. While people may have seen the two people together and even may have seen them drinking together, what happened when... more
            • Agreed.Ennui, Tue Jan 9 1:21pm
              It really comes down to what side a person believes. I don't want to further victimize a victim, but I don't want to falsely accuse either. Predicament to say the least.
        • Your moral indignation is laughable.Mondo Fuego™, Tue Jan 9 7:56am
          "What is wrong with you?" Nothing! 'Tis you who has the beam in his eye. "Why the endless complaints?" Old crime is still crime. Being a former President does not exonerate and nullify crime ...... more
      • The faces of real rapistsMondo Fuego™, Tue Jan 9 6:43am
        Neither was man enough to admit their crime and face the consequences. One fled the country after conviction and remained a criminal at large the rest of his life. The other lied his way to power and ... more
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