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Mondo Fuego™
Famous Artist Rembrandt Foretold Effects of Pot on Cities
Tue Jan 9, 2018 5:34am

All over downtown San Francisco, Seattle, Colorado Springs and in other liberal "sanctuary cities", here's what you will get to see for your hard-earned tourism dollars:

How does that old Tony Bennett/Frank Sinatra song go?

♪♫♬ "I left my stool in San Francisco" ♪♫♬

    • If this is factual, PH😳😳EY, Tue Jan 9 6:40am
      please provide a 'real time' photo from said cities. I know there are half-wits and addled homeless who relieve themselves on public byways in the marginalized city areas. But to attribute such... more
      • Here ya goMondo Fuego™, Tue Jan 9 7:09am
        Not going to post the disgusting pictures, but these links will give you some insight into the problem. The problem is so bad that businesses are closing their storefronts and moving elsewhere ... or ... more
        • Ask and ye shall receive......PH😱💩😱, Tue Jan 9 10:29am
          Lordy, you certainly buried me in a pile of IT. Thank you, I think🙃 PC = Pooper Cops, except there are none. Horrible situation and still the borders are wide open. I just don't get the... more
          • Re: Ask and ye shall receive......Ennui, Tue Jan 9 10:59am
            Over tolerant = enabler.
            • Quite Actually, I'm Mad as Hell!Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Jan 9 3:08pm
              I realize that these cities are predominately libnutz politically, but this is MY country, and JuJu & I always had fun going to SF, Seattle & SoCal. We walked the cities, shopped, frequented... more
              • I am old enough toEnnui, Tue Jan 9 5:17pm
                "What in the hell is happening to our country?" ask that exact question, and have asked it more than once.
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